A previously-mentioned beaver, or perhaps one of his friends-or-relatives, has been doing some serious logging of late. What do you think of these tooth marks?

HDR Moon

This full moon rose just after sunset, bringing to light a great photo opportunity. This is the HDR version.

Full moon in HDR

Evening Embers

Southwest Montana has been having terrific sunsets of late, prompting a set of photos entitled Big Sky Rhapsody. The Big Sky turns into a glorious light show, or settles into a soft beautiful glow, as is the case with this particular episode.

The Big Sky at Sunset

Tale of a Beaver’s Tail

He didn’t have a muskrat’s tail,
A beaver’s tail he did.
‘Twas big enough that he could make
A mighty splash therewith.

He swam upriver, slowly up,
Was diving now and then,
To fetch a little nourishment,
To eat now and again.

He went right up the river’s midst,
Eating as he went…
Until he climbed up on the bank—
I think his day was spent.

Death of a Warbler

It seems like this warbler perhaps collided with my sliding glass door. I was quite startled today as I was watering a planter near the door and spotted the Yellow-rumped Warbler’s yellow rump–still apparently in flight, but quiet and still…

Considering my feelings about this beautiful little bird’s “fall”, I could understand better that God notices when even “one sparrow falls to the ground”.

Unfortunately, the photo this paragraph refers to has gone missing. Stay tuned for its return!